sabato 14 luglio 2012

Gianluca Piaccione - Superficial Visions

cm 120x120x3

cm 70x70x3

The Aragonese Castle of Taranto is the perfect setting to present the exclusive exposition of Gianluca Piaccione’s innovative artworks from Sunday 15th July (the opening day) to 24th July 2012.
The aim of this exhibition is to present the talent of this young artist through a broad presentation that will show the different phases of his artistic development.
Piaccione takes his audience through an artistic journey in the manner in which he presents his works, he looks to show you his sense of exploration and research through everything he adds to the canvas, extrapolating on his ideas and covering the surface of canvas by prismatic and changeable shapes which develop over time, nobody knows what the next shape will be.For the first time, the artist has chosen his home city for an exhibition of his art with the narrative title: “Superficial Visions”.
The exhibition is curated by Sara Liuzzi, art historian and critic and allows you a look at both movable and stationary artworks which are mutated through the use of light and changing shape. Your eyes will find pleasure in examining them from different angles and with different light sources, creating a complete visual experience.

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